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Ovotrack BV
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The Ovotrack 4 is used for egg traceability, inventory management and labeling. It is platform independent, meaning it can be used on any pc, tablet or smartphone, and the user can have multiple sessions active on a single device. The user management will be more advanced so it not only allows the user to personalize user accounts, but also grant authorization on detailed level, logging and provide the user with usage analytics.

The design of the Ovotrack 4 user interface makes it easier to work with the software for all types of users in the complete process. Ovotrack 4 will offer features that support the grader planning. Software updates are centralized and the user can have remote access and support without interference with the user operation. The user has insight into real-time management information. Ovotrack 4 also gives the user the possibility to link to external sources through API, it gives easy and secure access when the user is not in the plant and live reporting on traceability, grading/breaking results and inventory.

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