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Amlan International Phylox Feed

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Amlan International
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The Amlan International Phylox Feed is a natural alternative to anticoccidial drugs and vaccines that can help producers increase profitability. Coccidiosis, caused by Eimeria species, is an enteric disease that can have a significant economic impact on animal protein production. The synergistic blend of bioactive phytochemicals in Phylox work together with multiple modes of action to damage Eimeria cell structure and function while strengthening intestinal integrity and boosting immunity. Phylox can be effective for full-time use or in rotation, and/or in a bio-shuttle program when resistance is a concern. In addition, Phylox does not need to be withdrawn from feed prior to slaughter. Phylox is an ideal solution for all poultry species, including broilers, egg layers and broiler breeders, all of which can be sensitive to fungal and bacterial toxins during grow-out and egg production when exposed to fecal oocysts that are being shed as coccidia cycle. Research has shown that Phylox can be fed concurrently with anticoccidial vaccines, preventing disease breakthrough while immunity is being developed by the bird without interfering with vaccine efficacy. 

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