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LUBING Optima E-Flush Regulator

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Contact Information

Contact: Hergen Kneffel
Title: Productmanager
Phone: 49.5442.98790
Fax: 49.5442.987933


Lubingstrasse 6
Barnstorf 49406

LUBING's Optima E-Flush Regulator can be manually switched to flush mode with a simple half turn of the flush knob. Optima E-Flush offers future flexibility for implementing automatic flushing with the addition of
solenoids and a controller. There is the potential for improved feed conversion, lower mortality and reduction in biofilm formation with less work when using the automatic flush capability. The optional screw-in solenoid allows automatic flushing of the drinker line when used with the LCW Touch Control. Manual flushing is also still possible when using the solenoid. With the LUBING LCW Touch Control and solenoids you can program your system to automatically flush on a desired schedule, or with a push of a button. With the available temperature sensor it is also possible to flush when water temperature exceeds a desired max temperature. Optima E-Flush regulator is a drop-in replacement for the Optima regulator and can be used with all existing accessories.

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