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Roxell Shenandoah group nest


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The Roxell Shenandoah group nest is an automatic nest for broiler breeder houses with a Louisiana layout. The revamped nest is enlarged creating more usable nest space by +50 %. The house can handle a higher capacity, resulting in improved profitability.  

Each nest box has eight nest openings rather than 16, 18 or 20 – resulting in group areas that are adapted to the physique of today’s broiler breeders. The group areas are high, deep and wide. Ventilation is ensured in the nest due to the perforated AstroTurf mat. A step and short curtain protect the nest. For the hen, it’s an entrance to a safe space with shade, mimicking the conditions they prefer in nature. The mechanism gently pushes the hens out of the nest and closes off the nest at night, keeping the nest much cleaner, which makes it more appealing to the hens. 

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