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ADM Sweetening Feed Solution

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Phone: 217.424.5200
Toll Free: 800.637.5843


4666 Faries Pkwy
PO Box 1470
Decatur IL 62526
United States

ADM’s SUCRAM M’I Sweet and SUCRAM Specifeek are sweeteners designed to improve the palatability of feed for young animals – particularly weanling pigs. Palatants and sweeteners are useful nutrition solutions to improve feed intake and enhance efficiencies for producers while also supporting animal health and well-being.

Both SUCRAM M’I Sweet and Specifeek are saccharin-free and, as part of the product development process, were tested in an in-vitro swine sweet taste receptor model. These products also may have functional benefits in encouraging feed intake during a stressful period, optimizing nutrient absorption and supporting gut health and maturation to promote ongoing growth and performance in pigs.

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