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Faerch Plast MAPET II monopackaging

Contact Information

Phone: +44.20.8254.2300


Faerch Plast Ltd.
Stayton House
93 Stayton Road
Sutton -- SM1 2PS
United Kingdom

Faerch Plast Ltd. offers its MAPET II monopackaging product, designed primarily for manufacturing trays for meat and poultry. It has the same properties as multi-layer materials but is produced from just one substrate, mono amorphous polyethylene terephthalate or MAPET. MAPET II is produced by extruding an APET mono sheet, thermoforming the tray using Faerch Plast’s standard production process, and integrating a robot station at which a specially developed adhesive is rolled on to the sealing flange. The adhesive, which was also developed by Faerch Plast, has been approved for direct contact with food at temperatures up to 40C.


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