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Zhengchang SPHS218F extruder

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Shanghai Zhengchang International Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Floor 25th, Friendship Building No. 159
Zhaojiabang -- 200032

The Zhengchang SPHS218F extruder is used to produce a variety of high-grade extruded aquaculture feed, pet feed and sinking feed. It uses a high-precision inverter, feeds more evenly than a regular feeder, and offers high capacity, better stability and easy access. With a user-friendly design for steam and water injection, the extruder can detect the flow online and add liquid proportionally. The design of the mixing shaft and blade effectively improves maturity level and mixing evenness. It can add up to 30 percent water and steam, which can be evenly mixed. High hardness, wear-resistant alloy screws and bushing greatly improves the services life of quick-wear parts. Constant clearance between cutters ensures the appearance of the machine.


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