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Dinnissen D-Topline Hamex Hammer mill

Contact Information

Phone: +31.(0)77.467.35.55


Dinnissen BV
Horsterweg 66
5975 NB
Sevenum 5975 NB

Dinnissen offers their D-Topline Hamex Hammer mill, which features an automatic screen changer with space for four to six different sets of screening panels and handle grinding capacities of up to 45,000 kg per hour. The mechatronic screen changing system automatically selects and places the appropriate set of screening panels in the hammer mill and removes and stores the screening panels in less than 40 seconds. The screen storage facility is fitted with a wide chamber that can be automatically opened. The hammer mill has a maximum speed of 1500 RPM, giving it a longer usable lifetime and in lower energy consumption than its predecessors.


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