World Egg Day – time to celebrate!

The benefits of egg production for developing countries are numerous – lets celebrate World Egg Day.

World Egg Day celebrations take different forms around the world, but are often educational.
World Egg Day celebrations take different forms around the world, but are often educational.

World Egg Day (WED) is quickly approaching. The tremendous impact that egg organizations have on the industry, such as the International Egg Commission, is well known. However, it is worth considering how the sector can really help developing countries, which is truly a cause for celebration.


Benefits for small producers 

Forty-four percent of the word’s global population lives in rural areas. In emerging countries, however, where small farmers are the main providers of eggs, this percentage rises to 60-80%.


For these small farmers, their laying hens represent not only the means to a regular income, but also a good source of nutrition and fertilizer for their communities and fields. For this reason, egg production is one of the favored rural development projects of non-governmental organizations and is worthy of being celebrated.


Varying approaches 

WED was established in 1996 and we will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Organized each year on the second Friday of October, this event has attracted, over the years, more and more national producers’ organizations, individual companies and egg producers as well as a broad range of allied industries.    


In most countries, WED is celebrated by donations of eggs to food banks, shelters and school lunch programs. Donations to students are often linked to a wide range of educational programs about health and nutrition. Children are often given coloring books and other interactive resources to make this celebration a fun and entertaining experience.   


In countries such as Iran or Bangladesh, the celebration has created an opportunity for countries to partner with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and other government agencies. Technical seminars about human nutrition and the value of eggs are a great way to communicate to governments and consumers about the importance of eggs in their daily diets and to dispel a few persistent myths.  


In Lesotho, the tiny African nation totally enclosed within South Africa, WED has allowed farmers and the local poultry and egg farmers’ association to remind people of the many contributions this 60-gram gift of nature offers.  


WED is also an opportunity to ask consumers to vote for their favorite egg recipe or best “egg moment.” The versatility of eggs is often demonstrated when locally renowned chefs are asked to create new recipes for the event.  


The rise of social media over the past 25 years has been the ideal platform to demonstrate the creativity shown by farmers and associations to celebrate the egg. On Friday, let’s all join in to celebrate World Egg Day.

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