TikToker claims egg consumers getting scammed by grocers

The user says that grocers are using the phrase “cage free” on egg packaging to charge more per dozen.

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One TikTok user, known as Tom, alleges that his local grocery store is scamming egg consumers by changing the packaging of conventional eggs to read “cage free” so they can be sold at a higher price.

In the video, Tom explains that his usual egg brand has changed its packaging to read “cage free,” and then increased the price. In an attempt to prove this, he goes to his local grocery store and shows the packaging and the increased cost.

“They changed the look of the packaging here to say ‘cage free,’ and the price went from $1.79 to now $3.99,” he said.

The user’s grocery store also features signage above the eggs explaining what cage-free and free-range means.

Commenting on the signage, Tom said: “Some of you guys know cage-free just means that they’re not in a tiny little cage. Same thing with free-range, it means they have access to the outdoors. There’s no guarantee that they actually go out there or that they can even get out there.”

He then explains that he believes there are terms are used to trick consumers into buying higher-priced eggs for the same product.

“All these different brands are utilizing these labels,” he stated. “We're tricking people into paying $7, $8, $9 or $10 for a dozen eggs that are basically the same as a cheap eggs. All the plain white eggs they sell at Costco in the two dozen and the five dozen pack, those are all cage free.”

“If you’re gonna spend extra on cage free or free range, you may as well spend a dollar two more and get something organic,” he added.

I’m not sure why his local brand changed its packaging, but it’s not due to a scam. Maybe he lives in a state where cage-free laws are in place. Or maybe his usual brand he purchases just started producing cage-free eggs.

At the end of the day, producers can’t lie using the labelling on their packaging to charge more money. However, it sounds like he is a price motivated consumer and may start shopping elsewhere.

This is the perfect example of why consumers need to do their own research on all the foods they consume and decide what will best meet their needs. 

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