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The editors of Poultry International, WATTPoultry USA, Egg Industry and Industria Avicola continue to expand our World's Top Poultry Companies database to include company data on the leading poultry producers worldwide.

The editors of Poultry International, WATTPoultry USA, Egg Industry and Industria Avicola continue to expand our World's Top Poultry Companies database to include company data on the leading poultry producers worldwide. We define poultry producers as companies producing chicken, turkey, geese, ducks, table eggs, egg products, hatching eggs and day-old chicks. We present information on 200 of these companies in this issues of Poultry International. The full database – which includes more than 1,000 companies -- can be found at

This is the sixth year of this listing, and have been steadily adding companies to our database. We continue to add more companies and refine the data on companies within the database. If your company is missing, or you wish to add or correct to the data we are showing, simply contact us at [email protected].

We start the survey by collecting data from every available resource, combing our circulation lists and sending direct inquiries to readers of the magazine. We also use other research tools – advice from suppliers to the industry, association and governmental statistics, annual reports and business reports, websites, and other sources – to piece together a profile of each company in the database.

Our methodology  

Because we cover the world’s industry, there is no standard measurement for size or success across all countries. For major producing countries such as the United States or Brazil, we pick the top few companies – determined by number of head slaughtered per week – to include in the magazine but have much deeper data on those countries’ producers in the online database.

It is difficult to make size comparisons across different countries and markets. A large producer in Poland would be a small one in Brazil. So we go through the database country by country and pick the leading producers – whether it’s chicken, turkey, ducks, eggs or egg products – from each country and present them in this issue.

We classify companies as producers of chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, table eggs, hatching eggs and egg products. We collect relevant data depending on the company’s production. Integrated poultry producers are listed with head slaughtered annually or weekly in high-volume countries. For egg producers, we list number of laying hens. We list numbers of employees, revenue and facilities when available.

This issue of Poultry International contains 250 companies – an increase from 200 companies listed in 2011. In order to get details on 250 companies in the issue, we changed to a table format for the listings, rather than the text listings we ran in 2011.

Each listing in this issue contains the name of the company, its headquarters location and a brief summary of the company. There is a link within each company’s listing that will take you directly to the company’s listing on There is more complete summary and additional data, such as production and sales volumes, specific types of production, and other facts listed in the interactive online database.

You will be asked register at to view this data. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes.

In addition to further data on the 250 companies listed in this issue, the database contains data on more than 500 additional companies that did not make the cut into the magazine. Once you have registered on, you can search the entire database and create your own lists of top companies in various regions and countries.

We’ve created several lists from the database, such as the Top 40 poultry producers, that appear in this issue. These lists and special downloadable files will also be available in the expanded Market Data section of

 This database is compiled by the entire WATT group of poultry publications – Poultry International, WATT PoultryUSA, Industria AvĂ­cola, and Egg Industry. 

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