CP Foods unveils cage-free eggs for Thai market

Charoen Pokphand Foods’ (CP Foods)’ first cage-free egg products produced with high animal welfare practices and healthier nutrients are available for the Thai market.

(Charoen Pokphand Foods)
(Charoen Pokphand Foods)

Charoen Pokphand Foods’ (CP Foods) first cage-free eggs produced with high animal welfare practices and healthier nutrients are available for the Thai market.

CP Foods’ Wang Somboon farm, Saraburi, has implemented the Five Freedoms principle at the heart of the operation in its closed housing operation to allow layer chickens living comfortably and healthy.

Banjerd Homboonma, vice president of CP Foods, said the farm was initiated as a pilot farm for the company’s cage-free operations in Thailand to uplift the well-being of animals, according to the company’s policy.

He added that the high animal welfare standards have ensured the quality and safety of foods. It helps to reduce stress in hens, resulting healthier and happier animals and, consequently, lowers a chance of using antibiotic treatment for sick and injured hens, he said.

“CP Foods has underlined its commitment as a responsible food producer through this cage-free farm. It is also a significant step for the company to serve growing demand for high quality foods from responsible sources,” Banjerd said.

Cp Cage Free Farm

Charoen Pokphand Foods' cage-free layer farm in Saraburi, Thailand is operated with high security in mind and offers enrichments such as perches for its hens. (Charoen Pokphand Foods)

The cage-free farm is operated with high security. It has been equipped with advance technologies and controlled digitally to prevent diseases and making suitable environment for layer hens.

The chicken house has a low stocking density of seven laying hens per square meter compared with the U.S. and E.U. standards of maximum 9 hens per square meter, the company stated in its press release.

The low-density farming allows chickens to move and express their behaviors freely. In addition, environmental enrichments, such as perches, are provided to reduce stress of the animals.

CP Foods’ cage-free eggs are now available at leading Thai restaurants, supermarkets and modern trades throughout Thailand.

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