World’s top poultry and egg companies report released

World’s top poultry and egg companies report released by Watt Global Media.

WATT Global Media recently released The World’s Top Companies edition of its WATT Poultry International magazine. These companies lead the global rankings of producers and processors in the poultry and egg industries.

Over 337 companies achieved top company status in 2020 with the industry dominated by producers in developed countries. In the Top Companies issue, business leaders can access exclusive and detailed information for the profiled poultry and egg companies plus links to more details online.

Included on the list in the top 50 poultry companies, there were 16 companies from the U.S., nine from China, three from Brazil and a new entry from Sweden. The rankings reveal the largest 10 broiler producing companies slaughtered 12.9 billion head over the last reporting period.

China is the largest egg producer, but no Chinese company made it onto the list of the leading 25 egg companies. Of almost 400 million laying hens managed by the world’s leading 25 producers, over 184 million birds are owned by the 10 leading U.S. companies, whose flock sizes stayed approximately the same or increased.

“This year, there were changes to data collection and presentation to clarify the scope of the industry and facilitate global comparisons,” says Mark Clements, Editor, WATT Poultry International magazine. “However, this could be the last of the ‘normal’ world rankings as the data gathered covers the period pre-COVID-19.”

WATT Global Media collects data on more than 1,000 companies worldwide, making it available through online databases. Listings are offered globally and by geographic region with a comprehensive index, so users can find information easily on each company.

Each listing includes a link to detailed online profiles. The profiles include each company’s headquarters, production of poultry and other products, types of poultry produced and other key company information. Databases also have search, sort and compare options. Free website registration is required to access data.

Find the digital edition of Top Companies magazine at


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