IPPE New Product Showcase: January 27

Get a glimpse of the new products being introduced at IPPE Marketplace 2021 for the agrifood industry.

(David Tadevosian | shutterstock.com)
(David Tadevosian | shutterstock.com)

The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is a prime opportunity for agrifood companies to showcase and launch new products. Here’s a look at just some of the products being showcased at this year's show.

BinMaster Binventory inventory management software

Binventory is an inventory management software from BinMaster, which monitors the level of solids or liquids in bins, tanks or silos from one platform. It is a highly affordable, one-time purchase of inventory tracking for any size operation, the company says. Binventory  is compatible with sensors using the HART protocol or Modbus output. The software allows for bulk densities and strapping tables to be entered for solids, while entering specific gravity for liquid tanks ensures spot-on volumes. 


Ya Suh Dar Co., Ltd. exhaust tunnel fan

The 57-inch tunnel exhaust fan vy Ya Suh Dar Co., Ltd. includes optimal reliability and energy savings for reduce running costs, according to the company. It features direct drive, with no belts or pulleys, and a well-designed impeller and exhaust area. The housing and blades are made of strong SMC fiberglass. Made in Taiwan, IE3 AC Motor and IE4 PMSM Motor are available.



Zoetis Embrex Inovoject NXT

Zoetis' recombinant vectored vaccine Embrex Inovoject has improved application and program management of Marek’s disease, infectious bursal disease virus and Newcastle disease challenges in chickens, the company says, and that vaccination in ovo or at day of age with the recombinant vectored vaccines is effective at controlling these challenges. The Inovoject NXT system is the next-generation Embrex biodevice designed to help producers protect chicks from disease challenges through in ovo vaccination.  

Inovoject® NXT Full Train

Chore-Time direct-drive Endura fans

Chore-Time's direct-drive Endura fans feature no belts, pulleys or bearings for low maintenance. Variable speed functionality allows growers to achieve further energy savings by slowing the fan whenever the air flow requirements allow. Fan speed is controlled automatically by a CHORE-TRONICS 3 controller, in combination with a variable frequency drive. HYFLO shutters improve fan performance by minimizing obstructions during operation and a cable attachment helps maximize efficiency by allowing the HYFLO doors to float left or right together, the company says.



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