IoT could advance poultry supply chain safety, traceability

Cloud-based temperature loggers could provide end-to-end visibility for the poultry supply chain, improving transparency, traceability and safety.

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Yellow warning tapes with black text FOOD SAFETY. Isolated. 3D Illustration
Yellow warning tapes with black text FOOD SAFETY. Isolated. 3D Illustration
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Cloud-based temperature loggers could provide end-to-end visibility for the poultry supply chain, improving transparency, traceability and safety.

“In cold chain, in order to make sure that a product gets there not just on time, but also in temperature, there are regulatory requirements to make sure that you keep track of what’s happening with the shipment  throughout its journey,” said Krenar Komoni, founder and CEO, Tive.

Tiny chip stores, measures temperature data

The sticker-like device uses the internet of things (IoT) to track and record temperatures and proof of delivery at the box level on first and last-mile deliveries, warehouse operations and over the road, rail, air and ocean cold chain management.

Previous temperature loggers relied on USBs that could easily get lost and only provided data at the end of the supply chain.

“Someone can monitor the entire journey – not just one of the legs,” Komoni explained. “The sticker can stay on the carton or the box and then continue to measure temperature to make sure it’s complying all the way to the retail store.”

The reusable temperature logger is the size and shape of a thin, flexible shipping label and features a non-lithium battery that can last up to 1.5 years and can be recycled with minimal electronic waste.

To track a shipment, simply stick the device to a reusable plastic container, carton or box and monitor its progress across town, coast-to-coast or continent-to-continent.

It contains a chip that “can measure temperature data and store close to 5,000 points of temperature data,” he added.

Customers access the temperature logger data through their iPhone or Android device or through a cloud application. A mobile or desktop dashboard provides a shipment’s completely history, including temperature excursions across the cold chain, for review or regulatory compliance.

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