Traceability software provides poultry logistic transparency

A new traceability technology called Agistics gives companies the ability to make real-time decisions by tracking where products are in the supply chain process.

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A new traceability technology called Agistics gives companies the ability to make real-time decisions by tracking where products are in the supply chain process, preventing logistical issues and reducing man hours.

Precision agriculture solutions are widely utilized across the poultry and egg industries. However, the movement of agricultural products still causes problems for producers.

“With the rapid adoption of precision agriculture across the industry, there are still major gaps in the logistics of agricultural cargo,” said Mike Shindelar, DP Techlink CEO, at the 2022 Poultry Tech Summit. 

“The U.S.’s current truck driver shortage and the avian influenza outbreak make efficiency in the transportation process increasingly important.”

To improve these issues, Agistics can track loads of agricultural products in real-time to help optimize driver routes and efficiency, improve biosecurity programs, reduce man hours and provide logistic transparency to the poultry supply chain.

How it works

Drivers are tracked using a GPS and the system sends notifications to team members through a mobile application.

This allows team members throughout the process to receive new delivery information and notifications that guide them through each step of the product’s trip including pickups, weigh stops, sanitation steps, biosecurity steps and drop offs.

“We track poultry and other egg-based commodities through blind spots in the food cycle when they’re on trucks moving from point to point,” Shindelar continued.

The technology can integrate with a company’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Mill Management software, allowing schedulers and production teams to edit and publish logistics schedules and save wasted work hours for drivers and operations. Additionally, reports are available for all deliveries for record keeping and audit purposes.

The technology can also contribute to a producer’s biosecurity plan. In the event of a potential biosecurity threat, such as an avian influenza outbreak on a farm, drivers are automatically rerouted to prevent any potential cross contamination.

“The key is to provide real time information logistics to logistics personnel, so they can make quick adjustments for drivers and loading and catching teams,” he added.

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