The convenience of a Dippy Egg

Conceived by Pork Farms, the product gives you a soft-boiled egg once boiling water is added. Will the latest convenience egg product live up to its name?

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Silly season, or the slow news season, is upon us in some parts of the world, and I am heading away from my desk for a couple of weeks while it's quiet. So in the tradition of the slightly odd summer news item, I thought to leave you with an egg product at the final stages of development in the UK and due to launch this September – the Dippy Egg.

Conceived by Pork Farms, the convenience product, which gives you a soft-boiled egg once boiling water is added, has certainly caught the attention of the press – who either love it or hate it – over this quiet period.

One national paper went as far as to say, “Something as simple as boiling an egg is a basic part of being a functioning human. If you can’t do that what else don’t you have time for? Putting your coat on? Brushing your hair? Going to the toilet?”

So why the fuss?

Dippy Egg comprises a single pasteurized whole egg that has been precooked in its shell, and is present in a cup-shaped lidded pot. On opening the pot, the consumer finds the egg in a pouch from which it must be removed and placed back in the pot. Boiling water must then be poured over the egg, the lid replaced and the egg left to stand for five minutes. Even if left for longer, the yolk will not harden.

After five minutes, the egg can be removed from the pot and placed into the lid, which is formed on its underside as an egg cup.

I won’t pronounce a judgement on this. It certainly saves on a little bit of washing up, but what about disposal of packaging!  Dippy Egg is expected to be priced at £1.49 (US$2.28), which seems a lot for a single egg. That said, there are dozens of single-serve and ready-to-eat products on the market that once seemed luxurious and now are taken for granted, so this may work.

I’ll leave you to make up your own mind. Trade magazine The Grocer has posted a video online of a Dippy Egg from lid removal although the way through to disposal.

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