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Webinar: What’s next in the fast food chicken sandwich wars

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The competition for which quick service restaurant (QSR) serves the best-tasting chicken sandwich went viral in 2019, capturing consumer attention and boosting sales at QSRs across the country. Will better-tasting premium chicken sandwiches continue to drive food-service sales in 2020? Speakers Kelley Bailie Fechner, Datassential, and Emma Partridge, Numerator, will investigate the battle for the best chicken sandwich. Learn marketing strategies that build on the interest in higher quality chicken sandwiches and Zoetis sponsor logodiscuss the next big food trends that will drive food-service chicken sales.


  1. Will premium chicken sandwiches drive sales in 2020? 
  2. What’s the next big food-service chicken trend? 
  3. How to benefit from the battle for the best chicken sandwich.

This webinar is part three of the seven-part 2020 Chicken Marketing Summit Webinar Series. Where poultry sales and marketing professionals come to learn about the latest consumer trends, marketing techniques and what to expect next in the ongoing competition for the center of the plate.

This webinar is proudly sponsored by Zoetis and presented by WATTAgNet and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Kelley headshotKelley Bailie Fechner, director, customer solutions, Datassential

Kelley Bailie Fechner is the director, customer solutions, for Datassential. Fechner has worked in the food industry for over 20 years, joining Datassential in early 2017. Her responsibilities include growing existing client relationships and building new client relationships. Fechner’s role at Datassential gives her access to the best data to understand food and restaurant trends and help clients use safe experimentation to continually grow their business. Prior to Datassential, Fechner spent 18 years at the NPD Group working in client development and product management. She also spent three years starting up the NPD office in Australia and managing the APAC Foodservice business. Fechner earned her MBA from Loyola University Chicago.


Emma Partridge headshotEmma Partridge, Numerator

Emma Partridge is a food (and beverage) lover through-and-through. She currently works on Numerator’s Consulting Team to service CPG and Alcoholic Beverage manufacturer brands and has a strong background in the restaurant and onsite space, having spent a few years in custom research working across distributor, restaurant, and onsite accounts. Emma has an academic background in nutrition research and developing research methodologies, strengths she brings to each brand story she tells and insight she uncovers.