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WEBINAR: Improve poultry performance with multi-carbohydrase enzymes

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WATTPoultry and Feed Strategy webinarWatch on-demand now to learn about the process of developing enzymes best suited for monogastric animals.

Learn about how the research and development behind enzymes impacts their effectiveness in optimizing feed efficiency and performance in monogastric diets. This webinar will also demonstrate how incorporating multi-carbohydrase enzymes into broiler, layer and turkey diets can unlock more nutrients from existing feedstuffs. Featured speakers will include Sara Llamas Moya, M. Sc., Ph.D, Global Scientific Affairs and Applications, Kerry Animal Performance Solutions and Dr. Niall Higgins, Enzymes R&D Manager, Kerry Animal Performance Solutions.   

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  1. From the lab to the field - Understanding the process of developing enzymes best suited for monogastric animals.
  2. How a multi-component enzyme works to target specific substrates.
  3. Considerations for choosing the right enzyme(s) to help improve poultry production performance.

This webinar is proudly sponsored by Kerry Animal Performance Solutions and presented by WATTPoultry, Feed Strategy and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Sara Llamas Moya, M.Sc., Ph.D., Global Scientific Affairs and Applications, Kerry Animal Performance Solutions.

Sara MoyaSara Llamas Moya, M.Sc., Ph.D. is currently Global Scientific Affairs and Applications in Kerry Animal Performance Solutions.  She holds a PhD in Animal Science by the Univ. Limerick (Ireland) -2005- and graduated also with a MSc on Food Nutrition and Health from Uni. College Dubbin (Ireland) in 2015.  Her undergraduate education was done at the University of Leon (Spain) in Agricultural Engineering.  Sara has 15 years industry experience and is responsible for conducting clinical efficacy trials in target animal species and create a scientific understanding of the technologies mode of action, from a nutrition and health perspective.  She is also involved in product development and keeps up to date with new scientific findings that can be translated into innovative solutions to the animal industry. 


Dr. Niall Higgins, Enzymes R&D Manager, Kerry’s Animal Performance Solutions

Niall HigginsDr. Niall Higgins is responsible for the development of enzyme technologies currently utilized in Kerry’s Animal Performance Solutions portfolio. Dr. Higgins earned Bachelors of Science & Ph.D. degrees in Fungal Biology & Ecology at the National University of Ireland, Galway and subsequent to his time at Kerry held a position as research fellow at the University of Nottingham where he specialized in applied enzymology. Dr. Higgins brings a wealth of knowledge to the team in both enzymology and glycobiology. His current research activities within Kerry not only center on opportunities to explore fundamental science, including new enzymes and enzyme synergies, but are also focused on providing new opportunities to develop biotechnologies which will underpin existing areas of strategic importance to Kerry.