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Webinar: Microbes to metabolites in animal production

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WATTPoultry and Feed Strategy webinarWatch on-demand to learn the impact of metabolites originating from commensal and pathogenic microbes within the gut.

How can we use the microbial population of the gut to improve animal production? There is a lot of discussion on what constitutes “gut health” and a “good microbiome”, but these are vague terms with few metrics that we can use in animal production.  We must understand the relation between the microbial population throughout the gut of food animals, and how they differ in their ability to degrade feeds and the range of different metabolites and end-products produced in the process. These different metabolites and microbial populations greatly impact food BASFanimal production efficiency, animal health, sustainability, and food safety. Featured speakers include Bayo Sokale, DVM, Ph.D., Technical Manager Animal Nutrition BASF, North America, Todd Callaway, Associate Professor, Department of Animal and Dairy Science, and Todd Applegate, Professor & Head of Department of Poultry Science, both from University of Georgia, Athens, GA. 


  1. “Balanced” versus “imbalanced” ecosystem within the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Impact of metabolites originating from commensal and pathogenic microbes within the gut.
  3. Metabolites that positively impact gut integrity and homeostasis (acetate, butyrate etc.).
  4. Effect of Monoglycerides of Short Chain and Medium Chain Fatty Acids on gut health.  

This webinar is sponsored by BASF and is presented by WATTPoultry, FeedStrategy and WATT Global Media.

Speaker Info:

Bayo Sokale DVM, PhD, technical manager animal nutrition at BASF, North America

Bayo SokaleBayo Sokale is Technical Manager Animal Nutrition, North America. He holds degrees in Veterinary Medicine (DVM), and Poultry Science (MS & PhD) from Mississippi State University. Bayo has over 10 years of experience in the poultry industry across production, research, and Technical Services. He has dedicated more than 5 years on evaluating non-antibiotic feed additives that support health and performance of poultry.            



Todd Callaway, associate professor Department of Animal and Dairy Science at University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Todd CallawayTodd Callaway is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal and Dairy Science at the University of Georgia in Athens.  He received his BS and MS from UGA and his PhD in Microbiology from Cornell.  Todd spent 18 years as a researcher with USDA-ARS in College Station, TX investigating how to reduce carriage of foodborne pathogenic bacteria and antimicrobial resistance dissemination from the gut of food animals.  He has worked with poultry, swine, sheep, and dairy and beef cattle.



Todd Applegate   Professor & Head Department of Poultry Science at University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Todd ApplegateTodd Applegate is a Professor and Head of the Department of Poultry Science at the University of Georgia in Athens. Todd received his BS & MS from Iowa State Univ. and PhD from The Ohio State University. Todd spent 15 years as a faculty at Purdue University in a split Extension and research appointment focusing on lessening environmental impact using nutritional and management strategies as well as contributions of diet, pathogens, toxins, and stressors to endogenous nutrient and energy losses from the gastrointestinal tract and dietary strategies to minimize them in poultry.