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Webinar: Hatching egg care for superior chick quality

4/18/23 7:00 am CDT
Online - Webinar

WATT Poultry webinar logoRegister to learn how to maintain breeder flock uniformity for uniform egg weight and chick quality.

Robust chick quality through hatching egg care requires precision incubation. It’s key to develop a proactive strategy to maintain hatching egg production, hatchability, day-old chick quality, and maintaining broiler performance on a Boehringer webinar logohigh level, otherwise, this can have adverse effects on chick quality. Biosecurity protocols are required to prevent contaminated hatching eggs from entering the hatchery by proper egg disinfection through the right processes adapted. Day-old chick quality not only depends on the degree of bacterial contamination but also on the synchronized embryonic development and hatch window during the incubation process. These main factors for both outside and inside egg quality are essential and need to be maintained for hatching and the first seven days at the farm. The presentation will be given by Dr. Qazi Muhammad Kashif, Veterinary Strategic Services at Boehringer Ingelheim, and Dr. Dinah Nicholson, Global Manager, Hatchery Development and Support, Aviagen.

This webinar will broadcast at 7:00 AM CDT (Chicago) / 1:00 PM BST (London) / 8:00 PM CST (Beijing)


  1. Maintain breeder flock uniformity for uniform egg weight and chick quality.
  2. Even with the most stringent biosecurity program the performance of hatcheries strongly depends on the quality of the hatching eggs by proper disinfection at receiving and during storage.
  3. A good hatching egg is the basis for the production chain for poultry meat and eggs.
  4. Optimization of the process is of critical importance from the breeding farm to the point the day-old chick leaves the hatchery and head to the broiler farm where first seven days are defining.

This webinar is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and presented by WATTPoultry.


Speaker Info:

Dinah NicholsonDr. Dinah Nicholson, Global Manager, Hatchery Development and Support, Aviagen

Dr. Nicholson started working for Aviagen (then Ross Breeders) in 1985, after completing a degree in Agriculture at Reading University and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science at Nottingham University. She started her career with Aviagen managing parent stock and broiler trials investigating the interaction between genetics and environment of Aviagen and competitor lines. Dr. Nicholson then spent some time working with Aviagen GP production staff to improve egg handling, disinfection, and storage in the UK production operation. In 2002 she took on a position where she directed and coordinated the Aviagen technical teams operating across Europe. In 2008 Dr. Nicholson took on her current role as Global Manager, Hatchery Development and Support, with the remit of enhancing the specialist support Aviagen offers for incubation and hatcheries.


Kashif headshotDr. Qazi Muhammad Kashif, Veterinary Strategic Services at Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr. Muhammad Kashif Qazi, Doctor in veterinary medicine (DVM) has worked in poultry operations for over 25 years. He has wide experience in Poultry Production, Health Management, and Food Safety Quality Assurance. Dr. Qazi has had successful experience in establishing biosecurity and antimicrobial reduction programs in poultry production at Tyson Foods Inc. China as Director FSQA Live Operations and Supply Chain. He is a member of WVPA and the American Association of Avian Pathologists. Dr. Qazi joined Boehringer Ingelheim AH in 2016. His current responsibilities at BI include Veterinary Strategic Services and BI Poultry Academy.