VDL Jansen

Barneveld 3771 MB

Company Overview
Harselaarseweg 32
Barneveld 3771 MB
VDL Jansen develops, manufactures and sells poultry housing systems worldwide. VDL Jansen supplies the best solutions by focusing on the bird's needs. Namely Premium+ Automatic Nests for breeders and layers, Comfort & Compact Aviary systems; VolMaxx Small Aviary systems; Nivo Varia & RearMaxx systems for pullet rearing; BroMaxx broiler system, manure belts; manure drying systems; plastic slats; egg conveyors and egg elevators. VDL Jansen is well known for excellent performance, high quality components, field-oriented research and good after sales service. Please check our website for dealers in other countries.
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