SLAM 360: The full circle of grain quality preservation [Webinar]

Mar 30th, 2023
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Join us for the first installment of SLAM 360 — a new webinar series devoted to education on grain systems Sanitation, Loading, Aeration and Monitoring. Grain quality can never be improved once it’s harvested from the field, but it can be maintained. Storing post-harvest grain is a critical stage in the food and feed supply chain, and grain elevators and storage and handling facilities must lay the groundwork for preserving the quality desired for processing downstream into food or animal feed. Iowa State University’s Dr. Dirk Mair, developer of the SLAM concept, has taught it for three decades and will lend his expertise on today’s grain quality management best practices.

This webinar will broadcast at 1:00 PM CDT (Chicago) / 7:00 PM BST (London) / 2:00 AM CST (Beijing), March 30.


1. The SLAM concept, including what proactive measures to take at each of the four steps and their benefits.
2. How to properly sanitize grain bins, clean grain before binning and protect stored grains and oilseeds from weather, pests, self-heating, molds, and mycotoxins.
3. Methods of monitoring grain for mold and testing for mycotoxins throughout the storage period.

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