Webinar: Strategies to market modern poultry production practices

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May 19th, 2020
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Surveys show that many consumers are increasingly concerned about how birds are cared for, how antibiotics are used and how the environment is impacted by poultry production. Chicken producers have responded to these concerns by modifying some production practices, but these changes sometimes result in a step forward in one area but a step backward in another. Speaker G. Donald Ritter, DVM, ACPV, Mountaire Farms, will present how the One Health Certified program Zoetis sponsor logoprovides a framework for a balanced approach to continuous improvement in the health of birds, humans and the planet.


  1. The importance of a balanced approach in chicken production. 
  2. How to become One Health Certified.
  3. The production and retail benefits of certification.

This webinar is part two of the seven-part 2020 Chicken Marketing Summit Webinar Series. Where poultry sales and marketing professionals come to learn about the latest consumer trends, marketing techniques and what to expect next in the ongoing competition for the center of the plate.

This webinar is proudly sponsored by Zoetis and presented by WATTAgNet and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Don Ritter headshotG. Donald Ritter, DVM, ACPV, director of technical marketing, Mountaire Farms

G. Donald Ritter, DVM, ACPV, is director of technical marketing for Mountaire Farms. Ritter is a poultry veterinarian who has worked directly for broiler production companies on the Delmarva peninsula for the past 35 years. He is currently working with multiple stakeholders to create a new consumer choice multi-protein responsible animal production certification based on the principles of One Health. Ritter is a board-certified poultry veterinarian. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and completed a poultry medicine internship at North Carolina State University. 

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