WEBINAR: How will big data and AI change poultry growing?

Learn how new technologies can help optimize poultry operation decision-making.

Nov 16th, 2021
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2021 Poultry Tech Summit logoWatch on demand now to learn how new technologies can help optimize poultry operation decision-making. 

Relatively inexpensive sensors, widespread use of IoT technologies, cloud computing, AI and machine learning are making it possible to gather and analyze data from all the poultry houses in a complex. But how will poultry growers and integrated companies use this data improve their operations, bird welfare and the overall sustainability of the industry? How will this data and these systems change the way birds are raised? Featured speakers include Simon Cohen, director of sales, MTech Systems, and Vernon Smith, founder and CEO, CAT Squared.

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  1. Understand how new technologies can help optimize poultry operation decision-making. 
  2. Learn best practices for data collection and analysis in poultry production. 
  3. Learn about the latest advances in big data and artificial intelligence. 

This is the fifth webinar of the '2021 Poultry Tech Summit Webinar Series: What’s coming next.' During this seven-part webinar series industry experts will preview what’s coming next – from prospective solutions to developing technology – for the poultry industry. 

This webinar series is sponsored by: Arm & Hammer, Aviagen, Baader, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cargill, Ceva, Chore-Time, Cobb, Evonik, Marel, Phibro Animal Health, Staubli, and Zoetis.

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Speaker Info:

CohenSimon Cohen, director of sales, MTech Systems

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Simon Cohen received his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Georgia Southern University. Previously, he worked with Systemate, Netherlands, responsible for the design of poultry processing plants. Cohen is now chief marketing and sales officer and shareholder with M-Tech Systems. 


Vernon SmithVernon Smith, founder and CEO, CAT Squared

Vernon Smith grew up on a family-owned poultry farm in South Africa and has extensive experience in the poultry industry. Before co-founding CAT Squared, Vernon earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in computer science and business economics as well as a Master’s degree in computer science before working as a food-industry process control specialist.  




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