Animal Ag Alliance holding summit

The event is taking place in May.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance’s 2024 Stakeholders Summit is gearing up to address the critical issues surrounding animal welfare and animal rights activism within the context of animal agriculture. The event, themed “Ready, Set, Solve! Advancing Animal Agriculture,” is scheduled for May 8-9 in Kansas City, Mo., and promises to offer valuable insights from industry experts on navigating these complex challenges.

The summit will feature panelists from notable organizations such as Protect the Harvest, American Kennel Club and CloverLeaf Animal Welfare Systems. These experts will share their experiences in dealing with animal rights activism and provide strategies for achieving continuous improvement in animal welfare practices, all while maintaining independence from the influence of extremist groups.

Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the tactics employed by animal rights activist organizations and learn how to differentiate between genuine efforts to enhance animal welfare and extremist agendas aimed at undermining the agricultural industry. With panelists like Mike Siemens, PhD, Sheila Goffe and Jason McAlister leading discussions, the summit promises to be a rich source of knowledge and practical strategies.

Abby Kornegay, manager of issues and engagement at the Animal Agriculture Alliance, emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between efforts to improve animal welfare and extremist agendas seeking to eliminate consumer choice. By fostering dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders, the summit aims to address these challenges head-on and promote a balanced approach that prioritizes both animal welfare and the sustainability of animal agriculture.

The annual summit attracts a diverse group of decision-makers from various sectors, including farms, ranches, food processors, restaurants, government agencies and media. Media registration is complimentary, reflecting the summit's commitment to transparency and open dialogue.

In addition to attending the summit, individuals can get involved by spreading the word, referring friends to attend or becoming sponsors. The summit offers opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and supporting initiatives such as the College Aggies Online scholarship program.

Overall, the 2024 Stakeholders Summit promises to be a unique opportunity for stakeholders to come together, share insights and advance solutions that support both animal welfare and the future of animal agriculture.

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