Alltech restructures marketing team

The collective expertise of the new members will help drive innovation and customer engagement.

Alltech has announced a structural refresh of its U.S. marketing team aimed at enhancing customer service and internal team collaboration. The new roles and responsibilities are designed to increase agility in meeting stakeholder needs and foster closer alignment across Alltech's U.S. business.

Here are the Alltech team members who will be taking on new marketing roles and responsibilities:

  1. Nicole Bangasser: Western U.S. marketing specialist, Alltech
  2. Cece Blythe: Western U.S. marketing manager, Alltech
  3. Anna Burnett: U.S. Dairy marketing lead, Alltech
  4. Leslee Burns: Western U.S. marketing pecialist, Alltech
  5. Zach Gilles: Eastern U.S. marketing specialist, Alltech
  6. Bailey Irick: marketing lead, Show-Rite
  7. Mallory Minnick: U.S. Pork marketing lead, Alltech
  8. Alex Morcom: head of marketing, Ridley Block Operations
  9. Mackenzie Peters: marketing specialist, Global Pet and Corporate Accounts, Alltech
  10. Terran Ronne: head of marketing, Global Pet and Corporate Accounts, Alltech
  11. Tieggan Rouleau: marketing lead, Lifestyle Feeds, Alltech
  12. Katie Stenzel: marketing specialist, Feed and Block, Alltech
  13. Jena Lee Wagner: U.S. Beef marketing lead, Alltech
  14. William Wallis: Eastern U.S. marketing manager and U.S. Poultry marketing manager, Alltech
  15. Celsey Weiss: head of marketing, Feed and Premix, Alltech
  16. Shannon Zika: U.S. digital content producer, Alltech

These team members bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to their roles, contributing to Alltech's marketing efforts across various sectors of the agricultural industry. Their collective expertise will help drive innovation and customer engagement within the organization.

This structural refresh reflects Alltech's commitment to staying responsive to customer needs and fostering collaboration within its marketing team to deliver effective solutions and services.

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