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Sanderson Farms rejects takeover bid

Offer from Durational Capital Management ‘very substantially undervalues’ Sanderson Farms, poultry company says
Sanderson Farms said it received an unsolicited offer to be acquired by Durational Capital Management for a price of $142 per share -- an offer it declined.
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VIDEO: How retailers can react to animal activist pressure

When groups attempt to engage in a discussion about perceived animal welfare concerns, the betterment of the animal’s health and the success of the business isn’t necessarily what is on their minds
Retailers, restaurants and foodservice companies should be cautious when contacted by groups who are encouraging them to adopt sourcing policies that are perceived to promote better animal welfare, advises Hannah Thomspon-Weeman, vice president of communications for the Animal Agriculture Alliance.
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Hamburger or not hamburger? That is the question

The EU has made it clear that hamburgers can be vegetarian, but it is up to us to say that chicken is still chicken.
I think Shakespeare’s famous phrase, “to be or not to be, that is the question,” has become a universal reference to synthesizing all that entails indecision and doubt, leading me to think about the European Union's decision that products of vegetable origin can be called hamburger or a sausage, even if they do not have meat.
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