A new species-specific approach to sweeteners for animal feed

Discover new innovations in the science of sweeteners in animal feed. Sweeteners are regularly used to improve the palatability of feed, particularly for young animals to improve feed intake and growth in critical life stages. Learn about the latest animal nutrition sweetener research including the importance of species diversity in the development of effective sweetening products. Find out about the work that ADM and its feed additives business PANCOSMA is investing in, to bring innovative sweeteners to the animal nutrition market. The presentation will be given by Dr. Soraya Shirazi-Beechey, professor of molecular physiology and biochemistry, University of Liverpool; Sarah Cooper, business development manager, ADM; Catherine Ionescu, IP & Research Manager, ADM, and Mathilde Ramillien, portfolio project lead, ADM. This webinar is sponsored by Pancosma and is presented by WATTPoultry and FeedStrategy.
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