Webinar: Shaping the future of poultry welfare: A multistakeholder approach

Apr 23rd, 2024
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Ag Webseries Banner 200x200Learn about a multistakeholder initiative that supports ethically, socially, scientifically, and economically responsible and sustainable poultry production. Poultry welfare has come a long way. Many improvements in welfare were Ipwa Spnr By 200pxbrought on by advances in our understanding of poultry management and scientific discoveries. Others were introduced by consumer preferences and changing tastes and values. Now, even as we produce more food than ever for our growing world, our poultry have better care than ever, but there is still room for improvement.

In this exclusive webinar, hear key stakeholder perspectives to rapidly analyze and bring forward trusted resources, as well as provide the transparency needed for true accountability and progress. Wherever you are on your welfare journey, this thought-provoking session will combine the latest research to prioritize poultry welfare and create positive change in the poultry industry. Featured speakers include Nick Wolfenden, Global Director, Sustainable Animal Welfare at Cargill, and Karen Christensen, MS, PhD, Senior Director Animal Welfare at Tyson Foods.

This webinar will broadcast at 10:00 AM CDT (Chicago) / 4:00 PM BST (London) / 11:00 PM CST (Beijing).


  1. Hear the latest research and information in global poultry welfare.
  2. Discover real action steps to support a successful welfare journey.
  3. Learn best practices, that are supported by credible research.
  4. Discover innovations that are advancing poultry welfare.
  5. Learn how to use key welfare Indicators that are robust, repeatable, and reliable.
  6. Explore how a shift in approach could benefit you, influence broader policymaking, and elevate industry animal welfare standards.

This webinar is sponsored by IPWA and presented by WATT Poultry.

Speaker Information:

Nick Wolfenden 90pxNick Wolfenden, Global Director, Sustainable Animal Welfare at Cargill

Nick Wolfenden leads Global Animal Welfare at Cargill. Nick is responsible for driving commitment to Animal Welfare across the organization through continual improvement. He leads the development and implementation of the company’s overarching animal welfare strategy, communicates work with external stakeholders, leads collaboration for a team of welfare and sustainability professionals, and serves as the face of Cargill to customers and governments and non-governmental organizations. Nick serves on a variety of industry organization boards and committees such as Animal Health Canada (AHC), Animal Ag Alliance (AAA), Merck Animal Health, International Poultry Welfare Alliance (IPWA), International Poultry Council (IPC), and the North American Meat Institute (NAMI). He is a PAACO and PHT Certified Poultry Welfare Auditor and Trainer and PAACO Certified Red Meat, Beef Feedlot, and Dairy Auditor.

Karen Christensen 90pxKaren Christensen, MS, PhD, Senior Director Animal Welfare, Tyson Foods

Karen Christensen serves as the Sr. Director of Animal Welfare for Tyson Foods. Prior to Tyson Foods, Karen served on the Center for Excellence in Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas focusing on welfare and broiler production practices. Previous to the University, Karen has worked in many capacities in the broiler industry focusing on the live production side. Karen earned a BS and MS from Washington State University and a PhD in poultry physiology from Mississippi State University.

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