The Jansen Poultry Equipment RearMaxx rearing system features closable compartments that make catching and vaccinating poultry easier and ensures a controlled rearing process. With the RearMaxx rearing system, young hens learn how to move between different tiers and get proper training in jumping and flying -- something they need to be able to do daily in an aviary system. A high bird density is possible because the system exists out of tiers. The new central winchable doors make the rearing system easy to operate.When the young hens are a few weeks old, the compartments can be opened, which allows the hens to move through the entire system. New central winchable doors make opening of these doors simple. Between the fourth and sixth week of age, the compartments of the first tier can be opened. A few days later, the compartments of the second tier can be opened. The doors from the third tier can be opened at approximately 8 weeks of age, depending on the development of the bird and type of layer. When the doors are being opened, the perches in front of the system are raised. In this way the hens learn how to move between the different tiers.

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