The HatchTech MicroClimer 150 series of setters and hatchers is designed to deliver a uniform incubation environment that specifically meets the needs of the embryo. It is based on the egg-flat capacity of traditional incubation systems. The setter trays hold 150 eggs, and hatcher baskets are available that hold either 75 or 150 eggs. The trays and baskets of the 150-egg series are compatible with all traditional incubation systems machines that utilize 150-egg trays. MicroClimer setters and hatchers are equipped with Hatch-Tech’s patented laminar airflow technology. The perforated radiators create pressure differentials that distribute the air in a uniform flow of parallel air layers. The air speed is uniform throughout the egg mass -- from top to bottom as well as from front to back. The airflow is precisely the same at every location within the machine.

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