Chore Time Revolution Floor Flood Feeder

The Chore-Time Revolution floor flood feeder offers the management simplicity of flood windows along with feed conversion advantages and greater bird comfort. Simply raise the feeders higher to close the flood windows as the birds grow or manually lock the windows into flood position at any pan height. Producers can also choose one of six grow-out feeding levels to optimize days to maturity or final market weights.

The pan is both deep and shallow and works together with the feeder’s anti-rake fins and comfort grill design to keep more feed in the pan for birds to consume. Even small birds can conveniently help themselves to an abundant amount of feed from the pan’s perimeter while keeping feed waste to a minimum. The comfort grill is a scalloped pan edge and high-clearance grill that naturally fits the rounded shape of young and growing birds to provide both comfort and easy feed access. The comfort grill has been shown to increase daily gains and enhance feed conversion in broiler flocks.

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