Chore Time Volution Rearing System

The Chore-Time VOLUTION Rearing System is designed to best prepare pullets for high performance within any cage-free environment by systematically training them from day one. Its unique design caters to natural bird behavior by training pullets to jump, move around and perch, optimally preparing them for both aviary systems and floor layer production. This is partly achieved through a highly adjustable design, which includes adjustable-height platforms and drinking lines inside the system that can be gradually raised as the pullets grow. Automated extendable perches help birds access the upper tiers of the system.

The VOLUTION System is designed to require less labor and to simplify management, which reduces production costs. Double sliding doors allow workers to easily reach birds for vaccination and provides secure containment of the pullets during the early startup phase. Foldable wire mesh fences can be used to prevent bird access under rows or easily opened to give birds full access to the entire floor area of the house. The system is designed for excellent visibility throughout, simplifying daily inspections.

The layout of the system maximizes flexibility. The two-tier system can be configured with one or multiple rows of rearing systems in the house. Feeding and drinking lines are on every level and partitions can be used in the length and width inside the system.

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