RZ Mask M2 Mesh Mask

The M2 Mesh Mask from RZ Mask is a general-purpose dust/pollution mask that acts as a barrier for your face. It is constructed with a moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable mesh. Ideal for warm to hot climates. The one-strap approach is beneficial when the user may want to apply or remove the mask quickly and easily while not interfering with other PPE such as headwear and eyewear. The M2 Mesh Mask is available in multiple colors.

RZ Masks form to the natural contours of the user's face, ensuring a seal. This provides maximum filtration and prevents eyewear from fogging. The RZ Filter lasts an average of 40 hours of continuous use before needing to be changed. In addition to dust, active carbon inside of an RZ Filter provides filtration to smoke, odors, fumes, organic chemicals and more.

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