Syngenta Talon Track Monitoring Paste

Syngenta Talon Track monitoring paste is an effective tool for the early detection of rodent pest populations and to ensure a smooth transition to pest control. It enables constant monitoring for signs of rodent infestation, including in sensitive areas, such as food preparation or storage facilitiesis. Pest controllers can use the tracking paste to safely identify the presence of rodents and then switch to the active product for quick control, with no risk of bait aversion. As a non-toxic formulation, Talon Track ensures there is no need for environmental exposure to active rodenticide bait outside of the control period.

Talon Track has the same high palatability, texture, look and feel to the complementary Talon Soft rodenticide. The only difference is that it is non-toxic and an off-white color to aid differentiation for operators when swapping from Track to the blue Talon Soft.

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