Flowcrete Flowgard Epoxy Wall Ceiling Coatings

Flowcrete Flowgard is a high-performance coatings range for use on walls and ceilings in food processing plants. It incorporates three abrasion- and scratch-resistant, non-porous epoxy coating systems that offer the ability to integrate fiberglass matting for additional strength, durability and resistance in more arduous industrial environments. The seamless, UV-resistant and color-stable finish of Flowgard epoxy coating systems eliminates the cracks, crevices and pores that are most commonly associated with the application of ceramic tiles. Flowgard systems can be sterilized through hot water hose-downs or using specialist cleaners and disinfectants — all without damaging the structural make-up of the coating. Flowgard wall and ceiling coatings resist flaking, chipping and cracking and are available in a range of sober solid color shades.

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