CST Wastewater Solutions KDS Multidisc Separator system

The KDS Multidisc Separator system from CST Wastewater Solutions is a compact and cost-efficient alternative to conventional dewatering technologies. It is designed to eliminate costs and OH&S hazards associated with damper and heavier output from poultry processing and major food preparation operations. This product requires no washwater while capturing 90 to 99 percent of solids, and is engineered to overcome the limitations of current technologies such as screw presses, belt presses and centrifuges.

Applications include small to medium poultry, fish, meat and dairy plants as well as large-scale food and beverage kitchens and catering facilities which face the challenge not only of handling heavy, sticky wet waste, but also the volume, cost and OH&S hazards of transporting such unhygienic material to disposal facilities.

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