CST Wastewater Solutions KDS Multidisc Roller system

The KDS Multidisc Roller system from CST Wastewater Solutions is a compact and cost efficient alternative to conventional sludge dewatering technologies used to eliminate costs and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) hazards associated with damper and heavier output from food, beverage and agribusiness treatment plants. The KDS Multidisc Roller system requires no washwater, while capturing 90-99 percent of solids. It is engineered to overcome the limitations of technologies such as screw presses, belt presses and centrifuges typically employed in small-to-medium applications. 

These include food and beverage kitchens and catering facilities, fruit and vegetable juice and solids processing and production facilities, fish, meat, dairy, and poultry processing, as well as broader food and beverage and agribusiness processing waste including processing of grains, cereals and grapes.

Used for thickening of dissolved air flotation sludge — a very common application throughout waste water operations — it achieves solids capture of 97 percent thickened sludge at a dryness of 17 percent. Waste activated sludge dryness levels are typically 15-18 percent dryness.

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