The Chore-Time sprinkler system provides effective cooling for birds with reduced water usage. It cools through direct water evaporation on and near the birds for more localized cooling and less house humidity. The system includes a control panel with electronic sprinkler control, T-connectors and sprinkler drops. It is suitable for use in new construction or for retrofitting existing houses and works with any whole-house control that has two outputs for cooling. The simple, low-voltage electronic sprinkler control receives a signal from the whole-house control when temperature set points are reached. Pre-assembled sprinkler control panels are available for 2-, 3- or 4-zone use with or without a doser (supplied by grower).

Additionally, heat is released from under the birds, since birds tend to stand up as the water droplets reach them. This action also encourages eating and drinking. And by reducing water and humidity amounts, litter conditions and dust levels improve compared with both conventional evaporative cooling systems and high-pressure fogging.

Press-fit sprinkler drops require no tools to assemble. Drops are available in 12-, 18-, 24- or 30-inch lengths and connect to the water tubing using a simple T-connector. Sprinklers will spray a 20- to 22-foot-diameter area at a hanging height of 6.5 to 7 feet.

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