Leybold Vacube Screw Vacuum Pump

The Leybold VACUBE screw vacuum pump provides high-performance support for industrial applications with rough operating pressures. The compact size allows easy installation and system integration. The smallest model of the pump family claims the footprint of a standard pallet. VACUBE consumes significantly less energy, offers an extremely high suction capacity and operates very quietly — important aspects in modern workplaces, which have to work efficiently and have to provide optimal working conditions for employees. 

VACUBE can be equipped with an energy recovery option. This enables the recovery of up to 75 percent of the electrical power and significantly increases the efficiency if the hot water generated in the process can be used in the process. The user saves operating costs and optimizes the use of energy resources. The integrated highly effective oil return system prevents the contamination of the pump environment and the working area by lubricants and process particles.

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