Brookside Agra Absorb Plus Bucket

Brookside Agra Absorb Plus is an all-natural, multi-purpose drying agent that provides sustained suppression and elimination of ammonia, moisture and odors in animal production and housing facilities. It is composed of 80 percent hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate and a 20 percent mineral mix of iron, zinc and copper. Absorb Plus also contains no phosphorus, which eliminates concerns regarding manure management and application, and it poses no health threats to animals or humans. All of the drying agent's separate components are on the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and FDA lists.

Absorb Plus is ideal for use in the following areas: swine and poultry housing, calf units, dairy loafing houses, animal bedding, dog kennels, livestock trucks and trailers and horse stables. It may also be used for dry foot baths, as a drying agent for piglets, in whole grain storage bins, at livestock exhibitions and more.

Regularly spreading Absorb Plus powder on bedding materials, as well as the calves, will provide sustained suppression and elimination of ammonia, moisture and odors. Absorb Plus, which is safe to use around humans and animals, has been proven to improve air quality and promote healthier animal environments to reduce death loss.

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