Chore-Time Volito Valego nest systems are available as floor nests and as integrated nests. All Valego nest configurations use a common platform, providing a wide range of options. They can be configured as highly efficient rack-drive expulsion (RDE) systems with either flat or pitched roofs. They are also available with moveable-floor expulsion (MFE) systems. All styles offer easy installation and maintenance, requiring only common tools to construct. Smart “click and fix” nest walls and roofs further simplify installation and repair needs.

The walls and roofs are made with durable, A-grade, film-faced plywood, which provides a sturdy, quiet environment for birds that is easier to clean and more durable than plastic or steel construction. The galvanized steel frame is assembled using TAPTITE screws, and the adjustable legs are constructed entirely of stainless steel. Additionally, the nest systems use AstroTurf pads for improved hygiene.

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