Chore-Time Volito Volution Rearing System

Chore-Time Volito Volution Rearing System is a two-tier system that caters to natural bird behavior by training pullets to jump, move around and perch from day one. As a result, the birds are more likely to live a longer, healthier and more productive life when transitioned to cage-free production. To help train the pullets, the Volution Rearing System features adjustable-height platforms and drinking lines inside the system that are gradually raised as the pullets grow. Automatically extendable perches help birds access the upper tier, and movable interior perches help birds easily jump to outer perches.

The layout of the Volution Rearing System is also designed to provide visibility for easy inspection. To further reduce labor needs, double sliding doors allow workers to reach birds for vaccination or other purposes. As the pullets grow, the sliding doors are opened to let the pullets use the floor surface between the rows. The pullets can find their way back into the system at night. The Volution System’s foldable wire mesh fences are used initially to close off the area underneath the rows, but eventually, the fences are opened to allow the birds to have full access to the entire surface of the house, including underneath the system rows.

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