Beesley Polyurethane Wall Inlet

Beesley International's polyurethane wall inlet requires no assembly and provides insulation value in a single-piece design. The wall inlets will help to maintain air quality throughout the poultry house. The design prevents freezing and condensation on the inside of the door, making it a perfect selection for colder climates.

The latching system makes it simple to close some doors during colder months, a practice employed by many growers to balance temperature regulation with ventilation needs. The curved door closes flush to the frame and can be locked from the ground with a closure guide. This door features an internal stainless-steel spring.

Weather-resistant seals on all four sides of the door and raised lips prevent air leaks when the door is closed and drafts around the edges when open. These tight seals work to ensure that airflow through the space is controlled and distribution of the incoming air is maximized and helps birds remain comfortable year-round.

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