Sg Systems V5 Batch And Lot Tracking System

The SG Systems V5 batch and lot tracking system is an industrial computer-based automation solution that can be interfaced to PLC-based ingredient control systems on the production floor. It is based on the premise that the only way to prevent operators from making mistakes is to confirm and verify everything they pre-scale and add into the mixers, thereby removing their ability to deviate from the set recipe. With the product installed, operators cannot make a batch that does not meet the recipe specification, in terms of required ingredients, proportions, mixing time, speed and mix temperature.

Batch numbers created by the mixer can be automatically passed through to the end of line terminal (designed to connect to label printers, inkjet coders and other identification systems) to create a link between the mix and the finished product.  This tracking number is then tied to the shipping operation to create complete traceability. The software also gives manufacturers the tools to track raw material lots to specific batches, and to quickly identify other batches made with common lot numbers in the case of a product recall.

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