Cole-Palmer Digi-Sense TraceableGo Data Logger

Safely transport valuable materials such as reagents, clinical samples, blood, vaccines, tissues, pharmaceuticals and food to any location with the Digi-Sense TraceableGo Data Logger from Cole-Palmer featuring a choice of three external probes. The probes are designed to fit securely inside the carton while the data logger secures to the outside of the container for easy monitoring and access. There is now no need to open the container to read the data logger. These compact, durable data loggers fit almost anywhere—even inside a small cooler.

The three probes are available for the data loggers to meet unique monitoring needs:

  • External Bottle Probe is a temperature-buffered probe ideal for monitoring vaccines or other important samples in transit.
  • External Bullet Probe is designed to monitor air and liquids, the sensor and cable may be completely immersed into the material.
  • External RTD Probe monitors temperatures below –80°C ensuring critical samples are not compromised. It has a 3-m FEP-coated cable and 316 SS tip for rugged durability. Platinum RTD sensor provides a wider range and greater accuracy.