Muller No Touch No Tail seaming device


The Muller No Touch No Tail seaming device eliminates the film tail without contacting the load in demanding applications. The device works by seaming and cutting the film away from the product.Cutting the film away works well for rounded products, such as five-gallon pails or large coils, or for paper products that may be sensitive to a heat seal. During the last revolution in the film cycle, a counter-plate is placed between the sealing element and the load while a durable cutting element is used to cut the film. When released, the film automatically retracts back to the load ensuring an efficient and effective load containment solution. The cutting element also requires minimal maintenance and reduces downtime. Loose or poorly secured film tails can cause a myriad of issues for manufacturers, including excess waste.

No Touch No Tail provides a finished wrap, minimizing waste and ensuring loads are properly secured during transportation. Customers utilizing automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are also challenged with loose film tails blocking sensors — creating further complications and/or stopping production. The product eliminates the need to re-wrap pallets due to loose tails unraveling the load and there is no longer a need to manually affix tails.