Mettler Toldeo offers their Label Check Stations (LCS), which prints and verifies labels automatically. Food manufacturers can use the LCS to print high-quality, product-specific labels at a rate of up to 500 per minute. The LCS integrates into existing production lines and is also available as a compact table-top solution. The LCS allows one to print and check in a single step. The LCS prints and checks up to 500 labels per minute. The system combines a printing module with a high-resolution camera and a reject system for faulty labels. The LCS processes a multitude of different label formats and automatically adjusts to the current line speed as necessary. The housing, which has a steel-tube frame, protects all components from dust and contamination and has two large doors to provide access for cleaning and maintenance work. The LCS is also available as a space-saving, manual table-top solution, the LCS-C. This version is ideal for manufacturers with small numbers of batches, or for use in laboratory environments where manual packaging processes are required.

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