Van Aarsen International Cu Dynamic Pellet Mill

The Van Aarsen International CU Dynamic pellet mill is designed to increase flexibility and pellet quality and reduce downtime. This results in an increase in production capacity and also savings on maintenance and equipment. The CU Dynamic pellet mill is equipped with an active roller slip control system. When the rollers slip and the mill threatens to become full, the system detects the slip and takes immediate action. The active roller slip control presses the rollers immediately against the die, preventing the rollers slipping, and the meal accumulated in front of the roller is milled away. The control system reduces downtime due to roller slip by 95 percent. If the mill stops due to another overload, the rollers can be retracted by the motor-operated roller adjustment and pressed against the die so that the mill starts up again quickly. The motor-operated adjustment is even possible while the pellet mill is in operation. In combination with the roller slip control, the operator can experiment during the production process with the correct roller adjustment to optimize pellet mill load and production capacity.

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